Welcome ~ Willkommen ~ Aanii

Many Rivers Permaculture is an educational hub that researches, plays with, and shares tools for creative community change.

I facilitate hands-on activities that explore issues in our communities and share creative tools to grow community-based solutions.


Our programs engage youth, adults, and communities in interactive activities to:

  • Connect with themselves, each other, and the land,
  • Share skills for strengthening our communities and restoring the land, and,
  • Develop creative, community-inspired designs to meet our needs locally while also protecting and rehabilitating our shared global environment.

I’m Paul and I’ll be the one facilitating the programs with you and your group.

Vision: A restorative and resilient society — one in which we meet our needs in a way that we care for each other, care for the land, and limit our use while sharing surpluses.

Action: To create spaces for people to connect, share skills and resources, and practice working cooperatively with people and community organizations to accelerate the transition to a restorative and resilient society.


  • Our ability to care and support is abundant, not scarce.
  • People can work well with other people to achieve unimaginable creativity.
  • Communication, especially our listening and observing with curiosity, is a base to change and can always improve.
  • Diversity is something we cherish and integrate, rather than segregate.
  • We meet challenge and controversy with empathy and creativity.
  • Everyone has something unique and important to contribute, not just a select few.
  • We live in systems of injustice and we choose to acknowledge them and redesign them by centring the voices of people historically and/or currently oppressed.


Welcome – I was raised to speak the english language used by my family in “Canada”
Willkommen – My ancestry on both sides, both maternal and paternal, is, or is linked to, German
Aanii – “Greetings,” in one of the languages of Objibwe, Anishinabe, and Mississaugas of the Credit First Nations peoples, whose traditional territory I was born and raised on