A quick update on the swale beds at the Guelph Center for Urban Organic Farming. It’s winter time here in Guelph, Ontario (Canada) and we’ve got about 1 foot of snow covering some of the land. Check out the video for what happens when all this snow melts 🙂

Just walking around the site it was amazing to observe some of the activities that were happening. This was possible because of the serene snow fall that had covered all the surfaces. It acted like a blank canvas and every animal, or drip from a tree added some texture or pattern.

In permaculture, observation is one of your best tools. Winter time creates an opportunity to see patterns of canopy drip lines, migration patterns, animal habitats, insect over-wintering, and human paths. These are all flows of energy.

Take a moment to enjoy winter and see what is happening where. Once you’ve seen then maybe start to piece things together.

Coooool times 🙂
Thanks for watching and make sure to check out the other swale videos on the YouTube channel.


Swales Update at the Guelph Center for Urban Organic Farming

4 thoughts on “Swales Update at the Guelph Center for Urban Organic Farming

  1. Awesome update! Snow is good! hopefully this spring will be off to a better start than I heard last year’s was here. At least it will be for those who have swales! Good jiggin’ haha you crack me up.

    • haha, crackin-lackin’!

      Yeah, lots of the good white stuff. Last spring working on the farm we wore our rain gear twice. Once because it was cold. Crazy spring.

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