Swales, Edible Forest Garden Research Site #1 and Permaculture at GCUOF

These swales are ready for action! They’ve soaked up probably 5 feet of snow-melt over the winter. We, here in S. Ontario, had a bit of a yo-yo winter – hot to cold to hot to cold. Check them out.

Also, just did a sweep of the first research site – first of three. There are issues with quack grass. Crap. Have any tips on sheet mulching – leave em below for me, please.

A couple of cool things going on at the Guelph Center for Urban Organic Farming.

Spring is comin’!

Enjoy the tour 😀


2 thoughts on “Swales, Edible Forest Garden Research Site #1 and Permaculture at GCUOF

  1. Garden of Eden had beautiful orchards planted similarly, with garlic and other perennials as an understory. He used 6-8 inches of wood mulchand it helped retain moisture in his ridiculously rocky dry mountain terrain. That might work well for your quack grass and your drainage?

    • Yeah, I will be trying similar things. The other two sites have been prepared with cover crops, where as this one hasn’t. Thick cardboard and wood chips it is!

      I will be mimicking some of the designs out there. The whole research project is to help boost the practices that are already out there with some scientific background.

      Thanks Amanda 🙂

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