Bullseye Marks the Edible Forest Garden

This week and the past one have been hustle, hustle. We’ve done soil sampling (for bacteria and fungi DNA) at 2 of the 3 sites and both were successfully extracted in the lab. Hurrah! That means that we got DNA and can now play with it to figure out what’s in the soil.

Then, we planted all the understory plants, added compost to the apple tree (above ground, not mixed into the soil) at 5lbs per new tree. On top of all that we added hard wood chip mulch to some of the treatments (the ones with just grass don’t get any).


Tomorrow is a big day of soil sampling and then lab work. Woof (<–not excited woof). Then on Saturday we have the last planting! This is great because then all the energy will go towards outreach and teaching/learning about the practice of edible forest gardening. Good times, yah.


Check out all the pictures here (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.381446251956491.1073741831.304746986293085&type=1)  and stay tuned for a really awesome treat that Garth is helping to create. A teaser: