Mother Nature’s Sprinkles

Do you ever feel like Mother Nature is working on your side?

Some might say it’s good planning, but every time we’ve planted, Mother Nature has come in with a gentle, long, soaking of that warm, spring-shower water. It’s been amazing. When up at Ignatius – planting with Colin – as soon as we stood up  to stretch and wipe the sweat off our brows, the skies cracked and showered down with a bit of blue wind. In Mississauga with Shawna, Chelly, and Sarah, we planted and mulched the gardens, and as we were packing up, the green tree tops tipped their hats to the winds and the clouds let loose.

Awesome Worker Bees

A couple days ago, Emily, Erin, Shawna and I planted the Guelph Center for Urban Organic Farming edible forest gardens. After we mulched a couple of beds, Mother Nature grumbled and tipped her water bucket. Thank you marm!
Mother Nature's watering canPerhaps designing systems that work with some of the aspects of a forest and some flows of nature’s energy we are in some way scratching Mother Nature’s back. Maybe, maybe not 😉

So all the plants (but a couple lupins) are safely in the ground. Apple trees have been wrapped with guards to protect them from the nibbly rabbits. Comon’ Petah’ Rabbit!

Rabbits nibble

That feels good. Mulching is down and grass (control treatment) is sprouting. Soon it will just be weeding, watering if necessary, and, oh yeah, researching!
Mulched beds :)A little (BIG) treat is coming soon and we’re going to need everyone’s help to eat (disperse) it. You in?
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Thanks for reading!

-Paul Lion