Yoga on the Edible Forest Garden

The title only says on (instead of in) because the edible forest garden is just a baby 😉

This is my advisor, Ralph Martin. He rocks…and bikes and does yoga. We were taking photos today to try and win…er participate in a contest about grad student and advisor relationships.

I feel that Ralph and I have a pretty great relationship. Outside of academics we participate in yoga and walks in which we grow from our physical challenges and build solutions to our worldly woes. This type of relationship really opens up the field in terms of communication when doing our work on research. If I feel that I’ve messed up on some piece of the research I know that I can go to Ralph without getting toooo much slack (haha). He’s a supportive guy and I’m lucky to have him on my team!

Cheers to dang-cool, wicked-nasty advisors that push for progressive research. Research such as Edible Forest Gardening to try and save our planet by reducing our dependency on fossil fuels and being healthy with our food. That kind of research, yah.

Feeling fine, feeling fresh.


Yoga on the Edible Forest Garden