McMaster in the Teaching Garden!

MacServe made a full day of their visit to the Ecosource Iceland Teaching Garden in Mississauga. This team of multidisciplinary students brought, muscles, flexibility, smiles and sweat to the garden. They helped with weeding (we all need help with weeding), broadcasting of cover crop (they did rye today), compost spreading, and humoured me at the Edible Forest Garden research plot.

A video blog about it!

Great group of folks!

ImageSaving the bergamo (bee balm) from the liver-loving thistles.

ImageWith this many people, heavy work is a breeze! Luckily we also had a breeze because today was a hot one!

ImageAnita letting out a sigh of relief because this team rocks and is helping out huge with the garden chores 😉

ImageThere. Weeded and arranged so that even the queen would love it.

Imagehaha the “surprised rabbit” pose.

ImageTaking some time to sniff the herbs in the garden beds.

ImageThere’s the whole team! Looking good MacServe

Image Taking out plants that are in spots where they may cause competition and adding them to the compost pile.

ImageA good days work. Going to end it off with a loot bag full of some of the harvest 🙂ImagePutting all the gear away in our cute shed. It pays to be organized.

Image“Stacking buckets.ImageImageOne last stop. At the Edible Forest Garden!

ImageA great group in a  great place. Thanks for coming out and participating folks! Welcome back any time.