I’m going to do it now because I came here with hopes of *doing* permaculture

In September 2015, I came to Victoria BC (Indigenous Lekwungen Territory) with huge hopes and aspirations of doing (practicing, sharing, learning about, facilitating) permaculture. I received a position working with youngin’s , which allowed me plenty of opportunity to practice it within the context of the centre, and I’ve had some really sweet volunteer opportunities and personal adventures that have helped me to continue learning and sharing.

In 2017–now–I’m going to begin facilitating & teaching workshops on permaculture.

A big focus of the permaculture workshops I’ll be offering is ‘Creative Communities’–finding ways to meet our needs as a community using practices that  care for each other, care for the land, and limit our use while sharing surpluses.

In short, I have easy interactive activities that help us to share our experiences, reflect on them, plan the steps we want to take, and take action. The activities help us to look at and plan our lives in creative ways. Specific details are in that link above or on the “What I Do” tab, as well as past projects tab.

The first workshops will be in Feb and March 2017 on ‘How-To: community organizing session’ and a series of “Intro to practical community permaculture skills.”

Stay tuned on Facebook or email me at wearemanyrivers@   gmail.com.
I want to do this work because permaculture has been the best tool for me to create a life where I can supportively act in a world that has so many heavy issues. When I hear that people want to help with such big issues but they don’t know where to start, I know I can help make that transition. Whether it’s helping to start a food garden, eat more veggies, reduce conflict in relationships, or support calls to action by marginalized communities, I can help.

Feel free to explore the site and connect with me if you’d like to set up a workshop, session, tutoring, or consult. If you like what you see and think of someone who might enjoy it, please share this with them.

Thanks for reading, thanks for being you and for doing the things you do.


ps. I’ve got those nervous-excited feelings. ❤

Here are some words from past participants:
– “It was a great tool for future projects, as well as for this food bank project. It was very informative and inspiring in the sense that it increased my love for nature even more! Yay, sunflowers :)”

-“I’ve learned the many difficulties that one may face when preparing and actually attempting to garden organically but also the value in it. It’s good to know that there really is a lot of planning that is required and it’s not just a throw-oneself-into-it project. But through it all, it is a feasible project that can be done with enough good ideas and organization.”
“I like the framing of first just blankly looking at your space and not making assumptions. I think it is a key consideration to make.”
“As simple as it seems, I didn’t think to go out and experience the space before starting a project like a garden. If it was my garden, I would have just went outside once, generally looked around for about five minutes, but that’s it. Through this workshop, I realized how important it was to really spend time in the space before starting any kind of planning process. I also really enjoyed learning how big my stride is and how really, really helpful it is to have that as a tool on the tool-belt of life.”

“How to designate land to garden design- taking into account factors such as slope, traffic, wind, sun, etc.”

“inspired to start/finish my own projects want to do more! (on my own land as well as in the community-i see green grass everywhere, why aren’t we taking advantage of that for food security…)”