Permaculture: Intro and Practice Days (poster at bottom)

WHO & WHAT: A chance for anyone and everyone to come and practice Permaculture on a level that is appropriate for them. Briefly put,Permaculture mimics patterns from nature to design regenerative human habitat. As a toolkit of ideas and skills, Permaculture can be applied to your thoughts and physical behaviours, and to your home, garden, and … Continue reading Permaculture: Intro and Practice Days (poster at bottom)


The Opposite of Rape Culture is Nurturance Culture

Dating Tips for the Feminist Man

The opposite of masculine rape culture is masculine nurturance culture: men* increasing their capacity to nurture, and becoming whole.

The Ghomeshi trial is back in the news, and it brings violent sexual assault back into people’s minds and daily conversations. Of course violence is wrong, even when the court system for handling it is a disaster. That part seems evident. Triggering, but evident.

But there is a bigger picture here. I am struggling to see the full shape emerging in the pencil rubbing, when only parts are visible at a time.

A meme going around says ‘Rape is about violence, not sex. If someone were to hit you with a spade, you wouldn’t call it gardening.’ And this is true. But it is just the surface of the truth. The depths say something more, something about violence.

Violence is nurturance turned backwards.

These things are connected, they must be connected. Violence and nurturance are two sides of the same coin. I…

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About The People’s Apothecary

The Quick and Dirty: The People’s Apothecary is a project that brings together a community in the process of creating a sustainable herb garden commons. The project encompasses community mobilization, the active creation of this garden, its ongoing maintenance and development, and a diverse series of workshops, skill-shares and learning opportunities. All herbs grown in … Continue reading About The People’s Apothecary

A Garden + A Bunch of Cool Folks = A Lifetime of Learning.

This is a reflection piece on this 6-week contract that I just finished with the organization The Julien Project. I got to work/play/explore with six grade 7 students in a wonderful garden space. Thought I'd share this letter to the founders, those that helped make it happen. Program Evaluation – Holy Trinity Spring 2014 As a … Continue reading A Garden + A Bunch of Cool Folks = A Lifetime of Learning.