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Edible Forest Gardening (Agroforestry/ Perennial Polyculture/ Alley and Inter cropping):

1) Edible Forest Gardens – by Dave Jacke

2) Manual for creating a community food forest on public land – by Andy Cambeis

3) Articles on Agroforestry, Forestry Health, Energy in Woodlands and More – by Cornwall Cooperative Extension

4) The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation

5) Plants for Our Future

6) Intro to Forest Gardening – Martin Crawford

7) Forest Gardening Resource Network (California) 

Urban Agriculture (Raised beds, transportation, etc.):

1) Growing 250kg in Suburban plot – by Louise Parry

2) How to Build a Raised Bed – by The Cheap Vegetable Gardener

3) Resource Centers of Urban Agriculture and Food Security

4) The Vertical Veg – Growing in Small Spaces

5) Sheet Mulching

Organic/Ecological Farming and Community Shared Agriculture (CSA):

1) No Dig Gardening – by Charles Dowding

2) National Agricultural Library on CSA – USDA

3) Robyn Van En Center on CSAs

4) Ontario CSA Farm Directory


1) Permie Forums, Articles, Videos and More – by Paul Wheaton
            – Hugelkultur: The Ultimate Raised Garden Beds

2) Free Permaculture Books for Download and More – by Permaculture Magazine

3) Research of Permaculture sites across United States of America – by Rafter Sass Ferguson

4) Permaculture Media Blog – Free Videos

5) Temperate Climate Permaculture

6) Perennial Soluitons

– Vermicomposting:

1) Cathy’s Crawly Composters

2) Growing Power Vermicomposting System

– Composting:

– Humanure:

1) Humanure Handbook

– Where to get Local Food:

1) Local Food Information and Farms in Peel Area

– Fermented Foods:

1) Sauerkraut Experiment

2) Wild Fermentation – Sandor Katz

– Food Policy and Resources:

1) Alberta Land Use Knowledge Network

2) Farm Folk City Folk – Non-for-profit support for local food systems

3) Ontario Fresh – Growing the Business of Local Food

4) Food Secure Canada

5) Sustain Ontario

– Free Webinars:

1) Agri Webinars

– Community Projects and Engagement Resources:

1) Community Urban Food Forest Project – by Ottawa Permaculture

2) Incredible Edible Tormund Unlimited

3) American Community Gardening Association

4) Seattle Food Forest

5) Beacon Food Forest

6) Manual for creating a community food forest on public land – by Andy Cambeis (same as above)

– Inspiration and Pump Up (Need a Laugh):

1) Goats on things – by Wesley Frew

2)Enjoy this really beautiful flow form videoYou might just find what you are looking for…

– Ecological Landscaping:

– Useful Tools Online:

1) Interactive Gardening and Plant Hardiness Zone Map for Ontario, Canada

– Do it Yourself Resources:

1) Open Source Ecology – Global Village Construction Set

-Local Nurseries (South Western Ontario):

1) Fiddle Head Nursery

Send me an email or comment with any resources that fit under these topics 🙂 Thanks!

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