What I Do

Many Rivers Permaculture is an educational hub that researches, develops, practices, plays with, and shares tools for creative community change.

WHAT I can do for you?

Youth Groups, Community Organizations, and Teams:
– (Co)Facilitate creative activities to strengthen group relations, increase personal/team expression, and connect to place.
– Provide interactive workshops/presentations on permaculture, forest gardens, vegetable gardening, holistic design, non-violent communication, and social topics (e.g., gender equality, youth rights, privilege & oppression, conflict & peace).
– Support in youth/adult/community engagement and program development.
– Consult on project planning, design, and implementation (e.g., community garden or community festival).

Households, Friend Groups, and Individuals:
– Consult on home/personal projects.
– Casual sessions with loose facilitation on topics of your choice.
– Tutoring and practice of permaculture and/or non-violent communication.

Anything catch your eye? Please connect with me to tailor services to your needs.
See our past projects and events here.
Costs and payment information below.


As a result of our programs, participants have shared that they…

  • Feel relief to connect into a caring, respecting community,
  • Get excited and feel motivated about being able to contribute,
  • Grow an appreciation for and desire to steward natural systems,
  • Develop hands-on skills in social- and environmental-technologies,
  • Expand community leadership abilities,
  • Learn multiple ways to express themselves creatively,
  • Gain uncountable perspectives and invaluable lessons from peers and community experts,
  • Become confident to speak out against injustices and raise issues important to them.

WHO is this for?
All youth and adults, and we’re welcoming to all knowledge levels (especially beginners!), all races, genders, bodies, abilities, languages (though I speak mostly English, activities encourage all languages), religions, and immigration statuses.
If you want to share your stories, be respected as you are, and gain skills to give back to your community, we’d love to design with you.

WHY do it?

Well to have fun, meet new people, and do heart-warming + feet-kicking work!
Plus, we acknowledge that the systems in which we live cause a lot of harm to everyone, especially to the land and the historically and present-day peoples most connected to the land.
We know that we (humans) design these systems and maintain them, and that our actions can “feed” these systems or change them.
We understand that we have the power, and choice, to shift the way that we live so that everyone is respected; so that all voices are heard, all bodies seen, and all are part of the community design process. So, we’re making the choice to shift.
We have the power to creatively design systems that are much better; system design that celebrates all that life has to offer, re-connects us to our communities, and helps us to re-learn how to live in harmony with people and the land. Want to join?
Annnnd it brings us joy doing it!

WHERE do programs happen?
Currently, programs are being offered in Grey Bruce County (Hanover, Neustadt, Mount Forest areas) and Wellington County (Elora, Fergus, Guelph, and Erin areas). Locations are specific to workshops, including your space if you’re interested in inviting us.

COST and payment information.
I’m happy to chat with you about your project(s), goal(s), and what we could accomplish together. No charge to share stories and get to know each other a little.

In attempts to balance financial access with fair livelihood, I adopt a “Pay What You Can” approach. This approach requires participants to reflect on their financial situation and pay according to their means. Trade of goods or services are welcome, too!

My basic facilitation rate scales*:
1 hour for individuals: $15 or $25 or $50
1 hour session for groups under 10 people: $35 or $55 or $75
1 hour session for groups over 10 people: $50 or $75 or $100

*If you are a charity and/or not-for-profit and/or have similar mission statements I’m happy to discuss reduced rates for access purposes. Same goes for groups of or groups serving marginalized youth.

Depending on my situation and the project, 5% of all proceeds will be donated to community-led initiatives supporting Indigenous sovereignty.

As a compassionate community, we are (re)learning and practicing what it means to:
– CARE FOR SURVIVING NATURAL ASSEMBLIES, to leave/make space for wilderness (Mother Nature) and communities to be and heal themselves

– REHABILITATE DEGRADED OR ERODED LAND AND PEOPLE, to support when asked and help heal communities that have been harmed through past and present actions

– CREATE OUR OWN COMPLEX LIVING ENVIRONMENT, design the spaces in which we live with as many species as we can, from where ever on Earth they come, in a way that is possible for all life systems to continue and for all people to access the resources necessary for their existence



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